Cloud McCleod is the ocarina maker who owns Rare Earth Flutes., now called Sound Essentials

Cloud McCleod began his interests in the vast world of music at the age of 10 when given a hard wood flute made by an old-world craftsman. This treasure opened his eyes to the potential in exploring exotic instruments while inspiring him to continue his study of the classical flute. After spending time playing with the Houston Symphony, Cloud continued his classical training at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. There he was inspired to give musical understanding to the world, realizing that with the proper approach (and missing essentials) anyone could gain a deep understanding of music. At 20, he encountered a Peruvian ocarina which inspired him to start sculpting ocarinas himself. Spending the next two decades refining these skills, Cloud has since emerged as a premier musical craftsman and Master Fipple-carver. Now, through Sound Essentials, he is proud to bring you 22 years of craftsmanship, as well as a revolutionary educational style.

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