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Mountain Ocarinas is an American ocarina company owned by Karl Ahrens.


The Mountain Ocarinas Logo


Include information about the History of Mountain Ocarinas


Mountain Ocarinas' Corian in G


Include information about Karl Ahrens here



Their Polycarbonate in G Ocarina

All of Mounatin Ocarinas' Products are made of high-quality, ultra modern materials. Currently, Mountain Ocarinas sell ocarinas in two keys: C and G. These ocarinas can be bought in 4 durable materials: Polycarbonate, Aircraft-Grade Aluminum, Corian (aka Warmstone) and Hardwood.

All of their Ocarinas:

  • Include a neck cord with safety connector so that you can carry your ocarina easily and safely.
  • Include a fingering chart, tips, and several songs to help you get started playing right away.
  • Are fully chromatic with a range of an octave and three notes (18 tones). The C ocarina has one less hole but has the same 18 tone range.

Their Polycarbonate in C Ocarina


Mountain Ocarinas are distinctive because they are the only inline ocarinas on the market made using ultra-modern, durable materials. The Mountain Ocarina logo is carved above the tone-holes in their Polycarbonate in C range.

Mountain Ocarinas are unique in the ocarina world for having a lifetime warranty against breakage.


Mountain Ocarinas' Ocarinas have a very simple, linear, fingering pattern. In their G Ocarina line, the left hand, pinky hole is a flat.


Mountain Ocarinas' Homepage

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